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Welcome to Terrapin Craftworks Handcafted Braided kangaroo Leather Show Leads, Collars and Fancy Wet Coats website.

Whether you are an owner handler or professional handler you know the importance of having the right show lead. Impression is everything!

These custom made leads can be used for Conformation, Obedience or Agility. The design possibilities are endless... you can choose your own custom colours, length and beads.

These leads are made with strong, kangaroo lacing with a 150lb test core line in the middle of the lead to prevent stretching and increase strength. Kangaroo leather is much stronger than cow skin, it becomes buttery soft with use without compromising it's strength. We have used our custom braided leashes with our 90+lb male malamutes without any problems at all. Our leads are used by many different large breeds including Rottweillers, Leonbergers, Cane Corsos and many more.

We also have leads and collars designed for toy breeds with a flat braided centre piece for comfort.

Terrapin Craftworks was established in 2007, over the years we have made 5,000+ braided kangaroo leads. We have been breeding champion Alaskan Malamutes since 1990 and have recently added a few Salukis to our household.



We have some examples of leads that we have done for other customers. Let us know what you are looking for and we will design something up for you.


Here are some examples of bead clusters we have done for other clients. The options are endless.


We have a special design for toy breeds.


fancy  wet  coats

We make handcrafted custom fancy wet coats, they are available in 5 different colours. You emerse these coats in water (where the word WET comes from), you then gently wring them out and they are ready to use. They do NOT make your dogs coat wet, they will keep your dog nice and chilled for hours. Prices start at $48 up to $118+. They come in a variety of fancy fabrics and colours.


sample coat design

This is an example of our standard coat design. Custom designs are possible.

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coats can be in many colours

We have many different outer fabrics available for coats which constantly are changing. We have some fabric examples but feel free to inquire about different possibilities in stock.

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different underside colours

We have five different underside colours available.

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